How to Decorate the Gable for West Virginia House Styles

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In the U.S., every region and even every state has its own predominant architectural style. Quite often, it’s possible to tell where the house is situated just considering its style. Talking about Martinsburg, WV, there are many ranch and traditional styled houses. If you are from this area and you want to make your house look more interesting and add some décor elements, consider getting a gable design. You can find a roofing contractor in Martinsburg or decorate the gable yourself to transform the whole exterior of the house and perfectly complement its style.

Gable is a roofed space that is located between two slopes, but it can be an important exterior detail of the house. Today, as never before, the individuality and stylization of private constructions are in fashion. Therefore, you can use gable decoration as an element that will make your house different from the others.

Choosing the Gable Shape

Firstly, if you’re at the stage of constructing the house or searching for Martinsburg’s best roofers‎, you need to decide what kind of gable you want to have. The shape of the gable is determined by the shape of the roof. After the construction, you will only be able to decorate, but not to change the shape of it. That’s why, consider the following types of gables:

  • It is a simple isosceles triangle, which is easily obtained under the usual classical gable roof. This is the most popular one.
  • This is a gable, which is equipped with a horizontal cornice. It’s possible to install windows in this type of gable.
  • This one is often used in the construction of country houses to profitably emphasize the desired style of architecture.

In any case, before paying for the services of the roofers in Martinsburg, select the type and shape of the gable.

Picking the Decorative Elements

You can make an original gable decoration with your own hands, purchase ready-made kits, or find a contractor. Martinsburg has many companies that can offer these popular ways of finishing the gable of a house:

  • Painting or plastering.
  • Siding.
  • Decorative stucco.
  • Sheathing with modern polyurethane materials.
  • Decorative bricks.
  • The use of lining, blockhouse, and other types of wooden finishes, which are decorated with additional ready-made kits.

When choosing the material, consider your financial capabilities. The most expensive is wood carving and stucco, and the cheapest and easiest is siding and construction of flat aluminum panels. As for the finishing elements, with which you can additionally decorate the gable, you can use several types of material:

  • Plastic decorations are strong and durable. They are especially good for decorating the gable windows.
  • Metal tracery ornaments are cut from the sheet material, stained and processed. Their advantages are long service life and durability, as well as quick and easy installation process.
  • The wooden carved elements are usually DIY’ed, especially since it’s hard to find a good master. However, you can try to find the best roofing company in Martinsburg to do the wooden carving.

How to DIY the Gable Design

  1. Plan the design.
  2. Make a template. You can download the samples of gable ornaments from the Internet or create your own unique ones.
  3. Select the material. You can use different types of wood based on what aesthetic appearance and durability you need.
  4. Make the details. You can use hand tools or an electric jigsaw, which is more precise.
  5. Put the decorations on the gable.

In short, there’s a lot to think about before decorating your house’s gable. No matter if you choose to do the work on your own or work with a construction company, take your time and plan every detail in order to make your house look unique.