Simple DIY Project Ideas

Many newbies trying themselves out in DIY get scared off with some projects of high complexity level. But there are many quite simple things you can do yourself without pricey materials or special knowledge. In fact, the whole movement in build upon making those things simple for people, so you don’t have to go for hardcore mode.

Easy DIY Projects for the Very Beginners

  • Apply some polka dot style to your room.
    It’s quite easy to change the appearance of your place using polka dot design. It can make any room look softer, cuter and maybe a little bit girly. You can put some dots on your wall, around some furniture or on your door. The only thing you’ll need is some white adhesive vinyl to cut your circles from and some glue to stick those to your surfaces.
  • Try some crocheting.
    You could try decorating toys, making clothes or creating tiny little décor elements with your crocheting skills. For example, you could make a tiny red apple to put in your kitchen. Crocheting is also a good thing to try for anxious people, as it’s proven to reduce the anxiety levels.
  • Put some stamps on your walls.
    It’s a really simple wall decorating idea that would be an awesome choice for a kitchen or a bedroom. You will need some insulation foam and printables to set your final form. Of course, you also should have some paint, depending on what you want to put on your walls.
  • Paint your flower pots.
    This is an especially cool option for those people who have some plants in their house, You will only need some waterproof paint and imagination to turn a regular white or brown boring pot into something cool. You could paint happy faces, emojis, make a pot look like a strawberry or even decorate it with simple ornaments.
  • Make a tray.
    When you’re planning parties and small evenings you need a tray to carry food and drinks. There is no need to run to a store, you only need a piece of wood, some paint and a drill (well, handles won’t be a bad idea). You can design it the way you want and put yourself into it. There are many cool options, you can make your tray look like a piece of fruit cut in half or a flower.

There are many simple ideas you should try. It’s also nice if you’re not scared of bigger projects. For example, making a summer bed outside might sound trickier, but you’d only need a pallet and some rope to attach that thing to a tree. After that, a mattress and soft pillows would finish your job. The only way to find your best choices is to experiment.