How to Turn Weather Vane into a Décor Element in West Virginia

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Weather vane is quite a useful thing in Martinsburg, West Virginia, which is a windy area. Although not many people need to know the direction of the wind, most of them want their house to look interesting and unique. A weather vane can be the decor element that your house lacks, especially if you make it with your own hands and put your soul in it.

Weather Vane Designs to Choose From

Modern specialized shops and construction companies in Martinsburg offer a huge selection of weather vanes, leaving you the task to choose. However, it’s much more fashionable today to come up with your design and meaning. For example, if the weathercock is made in the form of an animal or plant, each of them can have a different meaning:

  • A lion brings courage and courage.
  • A cat brings the comfort to the house.
  • An eagle is defense.
  • A dog is true friendship.
  • Clover is a symbol of luck.

Interestingly, many people still believe that the witch figure on the weathervane can save you from the evil. You can also follow the best traditions of the Middle Ages by installing a weather vane with a symbol of your occupation. It will be great if you can find the best residential roofing wv (link to post #2) who will be able to advice you on the designs.

How to Make DIY Weather Vane

The easiest weather vane can be made using plywood. You only need one sheet which is 10 millimeters thick, a jigsaw and a hacksaw. If you want your weather vane to be more aesthetically pleasing, here’s how to do one from the plastic bottles.

  • Cut the bottle neck and cut the sides into strips with a width of 25-40 millimeters. Make sure that they are the same width and that you don’t have a residue. Therefore, in the beginning, simply measure the circumference of the bottle with a simple rope or centimeter, and divide it into equal parts.
  • Bend these strips down to the sides at an angle of 40-45 degrees, and cut the ends of the strips on both sides.
  • Now turn each strip a little so it looks like a propeller.
  • Make a hole in the bottle for installing a weather vane.
  • Attach it to the shaft which can be made from any rod.

In short, you have many choices when it comes to decorating your house with a weather vane. If you choose not to do it yourself, then try to find good roofers in Martinsburg who will install the weather vane properly.